When You Stop Running

Do you struggle with anxiety? Some might encourage you to stay in safe spaces to avoid triggers. I suggest the opposite. You must face your fear and stare that fucker down. When you stop running, you learn something truly valuable. You are so much stronger than your anxious thoughts.

1 thought on “When You Stop Running

  1. Indeed. I used to be the biggest ‘pain avoider’, even on the smallest things such as doing the house chores. But I’ve learned that some pain is necessary in life—the stress of confrontation, the fatigue of hard work, the never-ending grind to better your life—so there’s really no point in trying to run away from your fears. They’ll come to you anyway.

    And I’ve learned that it isn’t escaping them that I was after all along, it’s being okay with having those anxious thoughts around, to know that I’ll be okay because I’ve been okay before.

    This short piece was very though provoking. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

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