Now It All Makes Sense

Have you ever looked back at a job you used to have and now it all makes sense? Many moons ago I worked as a receptionist at an office building with lots of different businesses in it. Therapists were the majority of the tenants. Every day for four hours I would chat with people, ask them questions and listen deeply. My administrative tasks were often a snore, these people were interesting! I’d observe their body language. If they seemed frazzled or agitated. You know, the stuff we say without using words. And I ended up learning so much. Then flash forward to now. I am still perpetually curious. Asking questions, writing about human nature, psychology, emotional intelligence, and being observant to catch details others might have missed. I had been practicing all along! Who woulda thunk it?! 🙂

So what about you? Can you look back and see a role that didn’t seem very significant at the time, but has turned out to be an incredibly valuable part of your journey?

If you’re having trouble thinking of something let’s try a different perspective. What do you love the most about your current job? Not the weekend or going home at the end of the day! What makes you forget that you’re at work?

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