Well, it’s about that time! Today is my last post for a while as I will be taking a Sabbatical for the month of July. I am feeling excited, a little nervous, intrigued and fatigued all at the same time! If you follow along with my writing you know that I love to challenge myself. And you guys. 🙂 Because why not?! Life is short and we get to decide how full we will make it. So I set to work on a challenge.

What do I feel strongly attached to? What makes me feel anxious at the thought of not doing it? Thinking, writing, crafting and sharing has become such a large part of my life, can I step away for a while? Will everyone stop caring? Will anyone even notice? Then I realized, fuck all of that. What do you need, Katie?

I need to rest.

So I challenged myself not to work. Not to post on social media, like I have diligently for the past four years. To not only practice what I preach (self-care, body awareness, letting go, etc), but to create space that simply wasn’t there before. For new ideas. New experiences. New opportunities. New lenses.

So off I go! Wish me luck.

I will see you fine people back in August.

❤️ Katie

If a month feels like a hundred years, download my book! It will keep you warm and snuggly till I get back. Purchase it here:

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